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#02. Icon Dump continues!

Part 2 of the icon dump. 
Veeery old icons again.

[50] CSI:NY icons

P r e v i e w :



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They are my old icons. Like 4 years old or so. I see now some of them over-saturated, some of them is blurred and some of them is over-sharpened but these were the first icons I studied on :))
These and many tutorials helped me create my own colorings and definitely helped me to see the importance of making icons :)

Grab if you like any, and don't forget to comment ♥
Sailor Moon - Usagi - Love potion

#01. Icon Dump !!

Veery old icons!

So that I've moved to another journal, it's time to gather up my old graphics, too :D

[05] - 24 icons (Jack Bauer and stuff)
[04] - Avatar the Last Airbender (anime, not the movie)
[07] - Battlestar Galactica
[11] - Kate Bosworth
[04] - Angelina Jolie
[13] - Chuck (the TV show)
[12] - Ghost Whisperer 
[05] - Christina Aguilera
[02] - Paramore
[02] - Linkin Park
[02] - Gwen Stefani


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Comic Con 2011 Nerd HQ Photos

I have gathered the photos from the Nerd HQ at Comic Con 2011

Featuring many actors and actresses and of course Zachary LEVI from Chuck.

They were loading fast, I tried to save the most interesting ones,
because there are bazillions of them, mainly captured as photo ops with fans,
but Zach's face is a must to see on those weird and cute ones ;D


Credit for photos goes to The Digital PhotoBoot 

Part 01 -- Part 02

IMPORTANT!! Please credit the studio for the photos if you use for graphics.
** Files are password protected. Please comment to get the password ;)
Spooky Source

70 Light Textures

Includes 70 Light Textures
Thanks to
awmpdotnet for the tutorial ^^

P r e v i e w:

Download link is under the cut.
I didn't post all of them for individual picks for this time.
Because the amount is huge.
But if most of you would like to see and choose them one by one,
I could post them as well ^_~

Usual rules to follow;
spooky_source if using
♥Do not share them anywhere without permission
♥Tell me if something goes wrong with the downloading process
♥Be creative and enjoy! ^^

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Vector Textures/Bases

I can't tell how much I looovee vector graphics!
Here's a set of vector textures as well can be used as bases.

Includes a zip file of 21 icon-sized images.

P r e v i e w :

Download link is under the cut.
(as for now on the download link is private)
If you want to pick them one by one also look inside the cut!

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